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Industrial Control Systems & Critical Infrastructure Protection Assessment

The once semi-isolated industrial control systems using proprietary hardware and software are now vulnerable to intrusions through external networks, including the Internet, as well as from internal personnel. These attacks take advantage of vulnerabilities in standard platforms, such as Windows, and PCs that have been adopted for use in SCADA systems

This situation might be considered a natural progression of moderate concern - as in many other areas using digital systems - if it were not for the fact that these SCADA systems are controlling a large percentage of the world’s critical infrastructures, such as nuclear power plants, electricity generating plants, pipelines, refineries, and chemical plants. In addition, they are directly and indirectly involved in providing services to seaports, transportation systems, pipelines, manufacturing plants, and many other critical enterprises.

Whether you are required to conduct an annual Cyber Vulnerability Assessment to meet compliance with the Reliability Standards or meeting critical regulations, enforceable strong cyber security practices are a market requirement.

Layers-7 offers cyber and logical security services that are holistic programs deployed along a layers-in-depth and breadth philosophy. Our focus is on meeting best-in-class standards to achieve a defined assurance level. Our consultants are experienced in providing multiple solutions and approaches to better ensure the reliability of your Industrial Control Systems & Critical Infrastructure.